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The point the camera must rotate about is the entrance pupil, not the nodal point as is often stated. Better yet, who cares what they call it, there’s a test to figure it out. 2. The rotation point (entrance pupil) is NOT necessarily halfway down the lens. In fact, on many cameras, it’s not even close to that. So, what’s the test to find the entrance pupil? Our mount will hold the camera sideways, but for now it’s easiest just to hold it horizontally. Position two objects on a table so that they line up when viewed through your lens – a couple of batteries work perfectly for this.

Com | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | tutorial Adjust and tweak major glitches or problems to the pasted picture at this time. Page 4: Perspective Now we will adjust to the direction of the background. Adjust your picture with the free transform tool right click then click perspective. This tool takes a little time to adjust to. Practice on a blank document. com | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | tutorial The logo is now flattened and really unattractive. Let's adjust the height and length.

Com | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | tutorial This is the final image will all the new fur added. Most of the hairs have been stroked with the smudge tool, as in the squirrel image, with the tips tweaked to make them look more realistic. As you can see, the creation of a reasonable fur effect is fairly simple. It may seem work and time intensive but with a little practice, mostly getting comfortable with the fur strokes, it can be done in fairly short order. com | Photoshop Contests | Are you Worthy™ | tutorial Motion Tweens and Motion Guides In Flash a starter guide By whazzat Paginated View This guide will help familiarize beginner animators with the use of Motion Tweens and Motion Guides in Flash.

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