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1st Pan 1971 variation paperback vg situation. In inventory shipped from our united kingdom warehouse

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A door closed and a confused, howling din arose. The headlights went out and a single torch beam moved towards the cottage, bringing the noise with it. Thurlow came over. 'The dogs are here, sir,' he said. 'I have ears,' Bell said. 'There's nothing here,' Wetherby said, standing up. The dogs were straining and baying on their leads and the handler had difficulty in restraining them. Bell snapped quick instructions to the handler. He didn't like using dogs, they had no part in his way of detection… an element from the past, before scientific methods, and he had summoned them as a last resort when science was baffled.

Wetherby recognized the man's blood-spattered clothing with a cold lack of feeling. It would make a splendid headline for the newspaper which had employed Aaron Rose. Wetherby's hand had already stretched out to lift the receiver and telephone for the police when the savage hatred sank a shaft into his brain. It was hatred of himself. He stared at that hand that was so willing to seek help, and he hated himself so much that it was unbearable, that the hatred had to be transferred to save his mind.

I would have liked to be a steeplechase jockey. Ride in the Grand National. Think of the fullness of feeling as Becher's looms up before you and horses are thundering on all sides…' Byron's mind had wandered, he shifted in his chair as though in a saddle, then returned to reality and laughed at his daydream. 'No, I won't go,' Wetherby said. Byron shrugged. Bell appeared at the doorway, saw Byron and screwed his face up in distaste as he crossed the room. Byron stood up. 'Well, I'll be off then,' he said.

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12th Pan Book of Horror by HERBERT VAN THAL

by Christopher

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