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By David Seamon

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Participants in the environmental experience groups described experiences of rest in such varied places as city, neighborhood, house and room. They described regularity of place use and emotional attachment to place. The essential experiential structure of rest, I argue, is at-homeness the usually unnoticed, taken-for-granted situation of being comfortable in and familiar with the everyday world in which one lives and outside of which one is “visiting”, “in transit”, “not at home”, “out of place” or “traveling”.

Inorganic forms such as rocks and soil remain at rest, relatively fixed in place for most of their lifetimes. Plants are stationary and thrive or succumb largely according to the conditions of their growing place. Rest becomes crucially important for mobile organisms, including man, because it provides a time of inactivity and quiet in which worn parts are repaired and depleted energies restored. htm[29/10/2009 19:03:48] New Page 0 and artifacts is the foundation of all areal arrangements. Geographers in the past have been most concerned with the spatial location and relationships of tangible phenomena —for example, the distribution of human populations, the placement of cities, the areal patterning of natural resources.

1 Feeling-subject works in two ways: it sustains positive feelings for well used centers and places, and expresses negativity when these centers and places are changed in some way. Feeling-subject houses an intelligent directedness similar to body-subject, but different in the sense that it arises from the emotional rather than bodily part of the person. Feeling-subject, coupled with body-subject, is a primary experiential force underlying our daily relations with the geographical world. e. affective expression— feeling-subject can be said, like its bodily counterpart, to act intelligently and consistently.

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