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Maliki ka walyangka ngunami. The dog is lying on the ground. 6. Kamta ka yujukurla nyinami. The woman is sitting in the humpy. 7. Kurdu ka parrajarla ngunami. The child is lying in the coolamon. 8. Nantuwu ka yuruturla karrimi. The horse is standing on the road. 9. Maliki ka jamalyarla nyinami. The dog is sitting on the log. 10. Wati ka yuwarlirla karrimi. � The man is standing in the house. VOCABU LARY Listen to these additional words, repeat them and memorise them: yama shade, film (motion picture) rdaku hole warlu fire, hot, firewood w1rn watercourse yarlu clearing wulpayi creek (synonym of karru) manangkarra spinifex plain yuwurrku scrub watiya tree, stick kartaku billycan jurlpu bird puluku bullock, cow, cattle (from English bullock) kuyu meat, animal marlu kangaroo wapami move, walk about jankami bum, cook, heat Lesson Two 47 About the vocabulary • • • • Warlpiri people made various types of shelters: yujuku or ngantu to pro­ tect themselves from rain, yama or malurnpa to protect themselves from the sun and yunta or rdupa for protection from the wind.

Wangkaya-pala! Say it (you two) ! Wangkayalu! Say it (you lot - more than two)! (-wangu (nyuntu = not, without) = you) (-pala indicates two speakers) (+lu indi­ cates more than two) Nyangkajulu Look at me (all of you) +ju = me +lu Purda-nyangkajulu (nyangka = look at; = you) Listen to me (all of you) (purda-nyangka = listen) The basics for learning Warlpiri 25 Simple verbless sentences In English, complete sentences must contain at least one verb even if, like 'is', the verb doesn't contribute much meaning, as in This is Dianna, Connie is big, or John is a teacher.

Listen to these sentences in which the words are ordered differently, then repeat them yourself: 35. Kurdu ka pamkami. Pamkami ka kurdu. The child is running. 36. Kamta ka wangkami. W angkami ka kamta. The woman is speaking. 37. Wati ka purlami. Purlami ka wati. The man is shouting. 38. Kurdu kulaka pamkami. Kulaka kurdu pamkami. Kulaka pamkami kurdu. The child isn't running. 38 Part Four 39. Kamta kulaka wangkami. Kulaka kamta wangkami. Kulaka wangkami kamta. The woman isn't running. 40. Wati kulaka purlami.

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