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By Stanisław Lem

ISBN-10: 0151716978

ISBN-13: 9780151716975

It is a excellent, very humorous e-book. an individual accustomed to Lem's brief tales and works like "Imaginary Engines" will be aware of what to anticipate. unfortunately, the lower than blurb utilized by the writer is sort of meaningless.

This is the Kandel translation. I doubt if he up-to-date the interpretation for the reissue of the ebook via Northwestern college Press. They most likely simply got the rights in order that they may possibly rock that critical and jap ecu literature.

This is a suite of excellent but imaginary reports of nonexistent books. With insidious wit, the writer beguiles us with a parade of pleasant, disarmingly popular innovations. "Lem is Harpo Marx and Franz Kafka and Isaac Asimov rolled up into one and down the white rabbit's hole" (Detroit News). A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book

(there is a request for this Lem identify, however it is an visible test, no longer "retail"...however, if the person that placed the bounty on it unearths it applicable, enable me know!)

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Ulysses condensed the Odyssey into a single Dublin day, made Circe’s infernal palace from the dirty laundry of la belle epoque, tied the bloomers of Gerty McDowell into a hangman’s noose for Bloom the traveling salesman, and with an army of four hundred thousand words descended upon Victorianism, which was demolished with all the stylistics that lay at the dis­ posal of the pen, from stream of consciousness to trial deposi­ tion. )? Ap­ parently not; apparently Joyce himself did not think so, inas­ much as he decided to go further, writing a book that is sup­ posed to be not only the focusing of civilization into a single language, but also an omnilinguistic lens, a descent to the foundations of the Tower of Babel.

To the classic tale of the star-crossed lovers united in the end, Marcel Coscat has thus opposed an ontological tale of the necessity of permanent separation, this being the only guaran­ tee of a plighting of the spirits that is permanent. ) quietly “ forgets” about it in the second volume. Mistress of her world, princess of the ice mountain, untouchable inamorata— this is what he wished to make of Wendy Mae, that same Wendy Mae who 27 Les Robinsonades began her education with him as a simple little servant girl, a domestic to replace the uncouth Snibbins.

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