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By Phyllis Kaberry

ISBN-10: 0203987543

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ISBN-10: 0415319994

ISBN-13: 9780415319997

First released in 1939 by means of Routledge, this vintage ethnography portrays the aboriginal girl as she particularly is - a fancy social character together with her personal prerogatives, tasks, difficulties, ideals, rituals and perspective. This groundbreaking and enduring examine was once researched in North-West Australia among 1935 and 1936 and used to be written via a lady who actually pioneered the research of gender in anthropology

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If a woman is lazy then her husband grumbles, and if he has had a tiring day himself he quarrels, and perhaps attempts to beat her. I say attempt, because there is no question of her submissively accepting punishment for unwifely conduct. She may even attack him first with any weapon that comes to hand. The husband in such a case is acknowledged to be in the right: it is a recognized part of the wife’s duties to gather the smaller foods. One Aborigine to whom I was talking said he would not marry a station half-caste, because “him all right to sleep alonga, but him no good catch ’em sugar-bag and yam”.

Increase ceremonies are performed in the spring for most species. It is difficult to say how far the seasonal changes formerly affected the movements of Aboriginal woman 8 the Aborigines, since most of them are employed by the whites and perforce hold their inter-tribal meetings from September to March when work slackens off on the stations. The winter—June to August—was at one time a period when the natives assembled for their ceremonies, but the rains did not prevent such an event taking place from January to March 1936 at Christmas Creek, and certainly there seemed to be plenty of food in the camp, apart from the rations supplied by the manager of the property.

While the man who has caught nothing, though he receives his share from the others, feels ashamed. While I was with them on this expedition, a good hunter happened to be unsuccessful on one occasion. ” and received a glare in reply. He remained subdued for the rest of the night. The others had brought in something, one a kangaroo, another a small wallaby, another a frill lizard, and the fourth three small emus. They had been greeted with excitement and all were in a festive mood, except the unlucky hunter, although his craving for meat had been satisfied.

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