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By Gretchen E. Potts, Christopher R. Dockery

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Millennials lead hugely established and scheduled lives the place they're driven to accomplish educational successes and serve the larger strong of the group. Advances in know-how have created 24/7 connectivity, consistent multitasking, and brief realization spans. in spite of the fact that, the reliance of many educators on traditional instructing tools has didn't interact this new release. What cutting edge concepts are being explored to spotlight millennial trends to thrive on know-how and juggle assignments? How can we achieve millennial scholars in deep conversations whereas selling serious considering? Addressing the Millennial scholar in Undergraduate Chemistry explores creative pedagogies in chemistry school rooms that construct upon the millennial scholars' strengths and pursuits. With contributions from veteran educators, this quantity grants to be a useful source for faculty professors and highschool technology teachers.

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Furthermore, this trait can come across, incorrectly, as the student taking an apathetic approach to their education when in actuality what is needed is for the student to feel connected to the bigger picture. Table 1. Class average final grades and final exam grades for CHEM 3310 and CHEM 4320 along with enrollment. CHEM 3310 CHEM 4320 Year Enrollment Overall class average grade Final exam, class averagea Enrollment Overall class average grade Final exam, # correctb 2015 -- -- -- 16-20 expected -- -- 2014 44 -- -- 17 83 33c 2013 59 79 72 20 71 31c 2012 51 79 76 11 82 33d 2011 46 79 79 7 89 38d 2010 37 80 81 7 78 31d 2009 31 78 77 3 88 41d 2008 33 79 79 10 87 35d 2007 34 75 72 10 89 43d 2006 19 81 82 a The CHEM 3310 final exam is similar in nature to the ACS exam, but is a non-standardized 60 question multiple-choice exam that is given each year.

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