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Meant for researchers in immunology, cellphone biology, virology and medication, this e-book offers details on such themes as cytokine gene law, and animal types for obtained immunodeficiency syndrome.

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The arterial vasa vasorum has two components: the vasa vasorum interna and the vasa vasorum externa [97]. The former arises from the luminal surface or the media and branch into the adjacent arterial wall. The latter is found at the border of the media and adventitia and arises from branches of the vessel served or from neighboring arteries. For example, it originates from the coronary arteries in the ascending aorta, from the great vessels of the neck in the aortic arch, and from the intercostal arteries in the thoracic aorta [98].

30 1. ANATOMIC CONSIDERATIONS AND EXAMINATION OF CARDIOVASCULAR SPECIMENS continuous, often with two smooth muscle layers. Smooth muscle cells are separated by collagenous and elastic fibers. 0 mm in diameter and typically have a thicker media than muscular venules with more than two smooth muscle layers. The adventitial layer of both muscular venules and small veins is thin and composed of collagen and elastic fibers, as well as cellular components such as mast cells, plasma cells, and fibroblasts.

24 1. 18 Aorta. (a) The aortic wall has three layers from innermost to outermost: intima (I), media (M), and adventitia (A) (hematoxylinphloxine-saffron (HPS) stain; 50 Â). (b) The intima is lined by an endothelium (arrows) resting on the subendothelial layer composed of collagen, elastic fibers, and scattered cellular elements. The innermost medial elastic lamella is arbitrarily designated as the internal elastic lamina (arrowheads). The media consists of multiple medial lamellar units composed of concentric elastic lamellae with smooth muscle cells and extracellular matrix components in the interlamellar zone (HPS stain; 200 Â).

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