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By Amanda Ashley

ISBN-10: 0821775286

ISBN-13: 9780821775288

After sunset

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Come to me. Slowly she began to walk toward him, her expression slightly puzzled. "Good evening," Ramsey said. " She had a sexy, breathy voice. " Ramsey gazed deep into her eyes. He had never had time for women, or for love. He had spent his whole life hunting vampires, moving from town to town, country to country. Like most hunters, he had never married. Families all too easily became victims, hostages, pawns in an endless war. A curious sensation swept through him as he felt his mind connect with hers, felt her will bend to his.

Vampire hunting had been a lucrative career. Ramseys had been hunting vampires for hundreds of years. The first Ramsey had turned vampire hunter to avenge the death of his wife. His knowledge and wisdom had been handed down from father to son for generations, as had the instinct to hunt, which, over time, had become second nature. In the old days, hunters had been paid in corn and wheat more often than gold or silver. But not anymore. The Ramsey family had money behind them now, thanks to a vengeful millionaire who had lost his only daughter to one of the undead.

Her life filled him until he felt drunk with it And still he wanted more. Wanted it all. "Enough, Ramsey. " Dazed, drugged with blood and a sense of unlimited power, Ramsey lifted his head, his lips drawn back in a silent snarl. The woman was his. He would not share her. "Enough," Grigori said again. Ramsey looked down at the woman in his arms. Her heartbeat was faint, her face pale. She stared up at him through vacant eyes. " he moaned. " Horror-stricken, Ramsey shoved the woman into Chiavari's arms and backed away.

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